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Flower Jelly lipstick

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About the Product
  • 1.Uniquely Gorgeous: Clear, gold-flaked jelly lipsticks, each one featuring a tiny dried flower inside.
  • 2. Once it is applied to lips, the clear jelly lipstick transforms into a lovely transparent pink gloss.
  • 3. The color may change depending on your body temperature, staying lighter if you are cool, and deeper if you are warm.

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All the flowers are very beautiful and natural, it's kind of like a tint so the more coats you apply throughout the day the more dark and bold it looks, but just with one coat it's super pretty. The lipstick itself looks just as pictured!


First of all: The packaging and product are super cute! I was almost hesitant to use it because it was so pretty. Once I did, though, the color was a lot richer than I expected, and it went on really easily and felt nice and hydrating on my lips. It doesn't last super long, but I'm a person who constantly bites my lips so I'm not a good judge of that. I love it though, I might order another color!

Love it! Only need a touch to change color and does not dry lips out. Smells so lovely, unlike any other lip product I've owned. Stays on for a long time!