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Sand Free Beach Mat

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  • SAND FREE - Sand, dirt & dust will disappear before your eyes, it's easy to sweep the sand off; easily cleaned and dries instantly, ideal for travel and trekking to the beach
  • Water Resistant Top (Polyester) & Waterproof Bottom (PVC), durable and suitable for any outdoor/ indoor activities. It is also good for heavy duty use and act as great barrier to bad weather, the beach blanket (oversized) can be anchored firmly in any position, and with an additional velcro closure pocket you can smartly store your valuables like phone, sunscreen and other beach gears
  • The sand escape mat has four sand anchor pockets to weigh the blanket down. These pockets are meant to be filled with sand but can double as additional pockets for personal items. This is a must-add to your beach accessories
  • 2 SIZES AVAILABLE - S: 200 x 150cm/79 x 57 inch; L: 200 x 200cm/79 x 79 inch
  • NOTE - This mat is a double layer of mesh, it is PVC material which is not so soft as cotton material, so you can add a towel on it to sit down, then it would be more comfortable
  • Keep the sand out of your body with this beach mat that absorbs sand.
  1. The sand free beach mat has a dual layer mesh technology that makes any sand that falls on it disappear.
  • Easy clean and dries instantly

    Customer reviews:

    JOHN.N, JUNE 27

    Hello, I own a large (10x10) multimat and absolutely love it! The "fabric" technology was developed in Australia for use during helicopter landing/take-offs in sandy/dusty conditions. We use our mulitmat when camping as a ground cover under the awning of our camper. It's excellent at keeping sand and dirt from being tracked inside and allows rain to pass right through. No soggy ground cover to pack up as it drys quickly and is very durable. 
    The fact that the two items were developed in Australia may account for the reason they seem to be named at odds with their usage. Might be a difference between US/Australian culture/language, don't know but they are great products.


    I have never had any problems with it becoming too hot. But it isn't super comfortable to lie on when in a swim suit. I typically put this down and then put a beach towel on top of it for something a little softer.

    ERIC, JULY 21

    I live in Southern California. The sand needs to be fine. I love it.