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Waterproof lifeproof Ultra Thin iphone 5 6 7 8 Case

$16.99 $39.96

  • Take Pictures Or Shoot A Video Under The Water
  • Talk Or Take Photos In The Shower Or Bath
  • Talk While It's Raining 
  • Ultra Thin Design Makes It Usable Anywhere, No Need To Replace The Case!
  • Saves Your Phone From Dust 
  • Saves The Phone In A Case If You Drop It On The Floor
  • Use It During The Snow
  • Scratch Resistant 
  • US Stock Ships From California !


Lisa: Aug 2017

Great case, I tested it works out amazingly well

Jess: Aug 2017

Very happy with a purchase I WAS ABOUT TO BUY ONE for 25 bucks

on Ebay, but bought this one, the same quality GREAT PRICE!

Meg: Aug 2017

Great products saves you nerves and no more need to think about

the water getting inside the phone.